fuel polishing

What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel Polishing is a vital and necessary service that cleans fuel holdings, providing the end user with a reliable product. Dessert Industries uses a proprietary method that filters your fuel the fastest, while also resulting in the cleanest fuel, free from damaging bacteria and water.


Fuel Polishing not only produces a clean and reliable product for the end user, but it also protects the distributor/owner from extremely costly and dangerous damage that bacteria and rust can create in the tank and surrounding systems.


A complete fuel polishing always starts with a bottom sweep of the tank where water, waste and debris is slowly removed and placed in a temporary storage tank. The fuel is then filtered through eight 1 micron absolute 5,000 beta-rated filters at speeds up to 400 gallons per minute. During polishing, Dessert Industries tests fuel for clarity every ten minutes until the fuel is crystal clear. After polishing the main tank, the waste from the temporary storage tank has settled, and we slowly pull the fuel from the top through our system. We do this until we find water or unusable fuel. This extra process allows us to limit the amount of fuel removed from your tank and ensures that only waste is removed. 

Dessert Industries disposes of all waste at a certified site, so you don't have to!

While we filter your fuel, we also introduce chemicals through a drip to ensure even dispersion throughout. These help to inhibit future bacterial growth.

Why Dessert Industries?

  • We have the most efficient filtering system on the market. It is propriety, and built by our founder Pat Dessert who had over 45 years experience in filtration
  • We will get you back to business fast! Average full polishing is 4 hours or less (10,000) gallon tank
  • We have a 12 hour response time
  • We are family owned and operated, founded in Snohomish, Washington in 1999

Why do I need to do it?

Most people have never polished their fuel, and don't understand why it is a necessity today.

When the EPA limited the Sulphur content in fuel by 90%, bacterial growth in fuel increased astronomically. This created the need to regularly polish your fuel.

Without regular fuel polishing, bacterial growth can cause devastating results, such as clogging filters and pipes, corrosion, and damage to your vital systems that yourself and your customers depend on. These repairs are extremely expensive and can be avoided when preventative action is taken, such as polishing your fuel.