Desiccant breathers

Why do you need them?

There are 3 types of traditionally used vent caps that have been in use for decades. The "T", the "Mushroom" and the "Cone". The theory behind these have been to shield the tank from precipitation entering tanks through vent pipes. 

Although these may stop precipitation that is falling directly onto the cap, they are useless against wind and humid air.

In the Pacific Northwest, we are constantly faced with variable weather, rainfall and humidity. Using a Desiccant Breather instead of a vent cap on your vent pipes can significantly decrease the amount of water that may enter your tanks on a daily basis.

Less water means fewer problems for you!

How do they work?

  • There are inlet valves at the top of the breather (covered by the Dessert Industries logo cap) that gather moisture
  • The moisture then travels through the white HEPA filters, which traps dust and debris
  • The moist air then moves to the orange silicone gel desiccant beads, in which it is absorbed
  • The white outlet valves at the base allow moist air (already in the tank) to exit the tank without traveling through the beads
  • When the silicone gel desiccant beads have absorbed as much moisture as they can, they will turn dark blue
  • Dessert Industries will monitor the color of the beads, and replace them when necessary


chemical injections

Our Proprietary Method

Periodic chemical injections can help prevent future bacterial growth, and further stabilize your fuel. We recommend adding chemicals like Biocide and Clear-Diesel to your tanks every 6 months. 

Dessert Industries uses a proprietary method of chemical introduction, to ensure even dispersion and create optimum effectiveness. Using air injection, we deliver you the best results.